How to do the ultimate headstand

I’ve received many comments about the ultimate headstand ranging from ‘is that a backdrop?’, ‘how did you do that?’ even from my gran telling me she was impressed that at last I was finally using my head for something.

Is it genuine?

YES! The headstand is genuine and not a backdrop. The fact people ask me if it is a backdrop is the ultimate compliment in my eyes because, I don’t know how to use Photoshop to that level.

So.. how did you do it?

Travelling in Australia I wanted a picture I could share with friends and loved ones that would reflect the time I was having while travelling. Something I could show I was having a great time enjoying myself and doing new things.

In this post I will tell my secrets of how I managed to do the ultimate headstand and hopefully inspire people to create their own ultimate pictures.

What you will need

  1. A camera with a burst option.
  2. A willing and patient person to operate the camera.

I used an Iphone 6. If you hold down the button to capture a picture it will automatically take bursts of photos so, your camera man isn’t standing there trying to click every photo like an idiot.

Step 1

The background of the picture adds to the significance of the whole photo. The fact I am on a beach doing a headstand is unusual. It is a head turner with the added scenery in the background. There is purpose to the sand which, you will later find out why.

Anyway, get into position. You will need to be able to actually do a head stand with your arms supporting you. The most difficult part is actually getting your legs into the air. break-up the movements into sections this will give you the highest rate of success without getting too frustrated. Get a good triangle base with your hands and head.


ย Step 2

Once in position with a strong triangle base, it is allot easier to extend your legs into the air (Take things slow, trial and error will prevail). Aim to keep everything tight and vertical. This isn’t instructions on how to create a leaning tower of Pisa headstand!


Step 3

You’ll need a strong core and back muscles to hold this position.

The person with the camera should get ready to take the bursts of photos.

On the count of 3 release your triangle base and manoeuvre your arms to the side of your body.




BOOM! you got the picture, congratulations. You can try it out with your friends and get a deadly impressive photo as you coordinate with hilarious results.

Wait! Your not done yet. Here is why the sand comes in handy as you essentially face plant the floor. As seen by me and my good friend Charlie on the right.

If you aren’t interested in getting a new display picture for social media it is still an enjoyable activity to try as many of the results you will get are hilarious, the more people you get to take part, the more hilarious it becomes.

Peace out!

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