I’ve been juggling a few thoughts about the journey through life.

How do you know if the life you are living, is the optimum life you want to live?

  1. Expectation
  2. Perception
  3. Reality


  1. The expectation of life is what we configure life is while we are children. The expectation life is the idea of what it is to be once we are old enough to have freedom and in full control of our life. The problem with this is that we miss out allot of details. It’s like designing something when you haven’t collected all the information yet.
  2. The Perception of life is the part of our lives generally lived in our 20’s sometimes even into 30’s and 40’s where we are in full control of our life, allot of the time we are disappointed our expectation of life is not what we thought it would be when we were ย children- causing all sorts of difficulties added into the complex journey of life…Our bad design from the beginning made the foundation of life difficult to actually build on.
  3. The Reality stage of life is when our first expectations of how life was created so long ago they have been worn away, by our ‘perception stage’ and now in reality this is the stage where life can be fully embraced for all it’s negatives and possitives enjoyed or appreciated. We enjoy and appreciate those missed details when we were designing our ‘expectations’ we’ve had enough life experience to design our life to how we ultimately want because of our perception phase.

I’ve spared many of the details in each section because as a reader you don’t need me telling you which stage of life you are in. You’ll just know you’re in the reality stage if you think you are and there won’t be any second guessing, you will just know…

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