I’m Martin, twenty-three and counting.

I have a Masters in Electrical & Electronics Engineering Work for a large engineering firm as a Electrical Engineer- I get to design cool stuff! I’ve began the long journey through the career and working life.

I have previously travelled and plan to continue to travel through my working life. I was in Australia for 8 months. I have seen beautiful placesย you only see on post cards.

I gained a lot of knowledge and understanding of the world during my travels that helped me build allot of character for myself and fill in the gaps which, education and employment couldn’t provide.

Wandering through your twenties can be a confusing time, some people are settling down getting engaged, having kids whereas some twenties are travelling the world without a care in the world living day-to-day and others are inbetween.

This blog will be used to write about the highs and lows of wandering through your twenties, everyone has a different journey through life of course but, I’m sure we all have things we can relate to so, I would like to share mines. I will generally post about travelling, dreams & goals, working life, love, social experiences & experiments, money and good food.